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With over 7,000+ Members and counting, Sophrology Solutions is the most widely recognized and trusted methodology available today.

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Welcome to Sophrology Solutions: Train your mind for a happier life.

Are you anxious? Stressed? Have you tried Sophrology?

With only a handful of qualified therapists who offer it,
and with great reviews from those who have tried it,
Sophrology is the new frontier in stress management.

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Sophrology Solutions: For a Balanced Mind and Body

Our goal is to release tensions, establish a state of calm, and help individuals to be aware of their capabilities and develop their potential to reach faster and with more serenity specific objectives in a sustainable manner.

Sophrology Zen

Want To Learn More about sophrology?

These books are meant both as an introduction to sophrology and as a practical guide for life and work. Sophrology is a way of life, a therapy and a personal development technique

An Itroduction to Sophrology

An introduction to Sophrology

by Dr. Patrick-André Chéné

While many people may have heard the term ‘sophrology,’ most of us are still in the dark as to what this technique actually involves. This book aims to explain the theoretical background behind this method and to introduce the reader to some readily accessible, effective practical techniques.

3 Fundamental Principles of Sophrology

3 Fundamental Principles of Sophrology

by Dorna Revie

The 3 Fundamental Principles of Sophrology is the first book that brings Sophrology to life. A clearly written book with explanations about: What is Sophrology? What are the origins? What is the process?

The Instinct to Heal

The Instinct to Heal

by David Servan-Schreiber

Neuroscientist David Servan-Schreiber, M.D., Ph.D., presents seven natural approaches, each with proven results, that together form a treatment plan that builds on the body’s relationship to the brain, yielding faster, more dramatic, and permanent changes.

Interactive Manuel of Sophrology

Interactive Manuel of Sophrology

by Vincent Rambert

A book in which you are the hero. Just let you be guided by this book; it will help you find out the exercises most suitable for your feelings at the moment, so that you can make your way towards a pleasant better-being.

Instant Serenity for Life and Work

Instant Serenity for Life and Work

by Florence Parot

This book is meant both as an introduction to Sophrology and as a practical guide for life and work. Sophrology, described by it’s founder as a philosophy, a way of life, a therapy and a personal development technique.

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Practical Guide to Natural Health and Wellness

by Xavier Kern

This book is meant for anyone who wants to improve their daily lives (well-being, stress, anxiety, distress, depression, winter illnesses, nutrition and much more) through small actions.

Alternative Medicine and Wellness Techniques

Alternative Medicine and Wellness Techniques

by Dr. Pierre F. Walter

This book, ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE AND WELLNESS TECHNIQUES is a scholarly article that outlines 14 alternative pathways or practices for achieving holistic health, including a chapter on Sophrology.

 Sophrology Instru Mental

Sophrology Instru – Mental

by Francois Quillet

Francois Quillet’s album, INSTRU-MENTAL was released Jul 07, 2006 by the 7 Studio label. You ll discover how to manage your pain , stress , nervosity via sophrology following the waves and pulsions of this peaceful inspired Music.

Music for Sophrology

Music for Sophrology

by Niall

Niall’s Music For Sophrology aims to restore harmony within the mind and body. Sophrology and Hypnotherapy are very effective in treating stress, anxiety.

Some Life Challenges Sophrology Can Help You With, There Are Plenty More…

  • Improve Self-Image

  • Increase Self-Confidence

  • Reinforce Positive thoughts & Attitudes

  • Relationship Issues

  • Adapt To Change

  • Manage Work/Life Balance

  • Find More Meaning In Your Life

  • Develop Your Personal Values

  • Promote Health & Vitality

  • Relax & Feel Happy

  • Difficulty Sleeping

  • Birth Preparation

  • Lack of focus, Anxiety, Mood Swings

  • Physical pain / chronic conditions

  • Speeches, Interviews & Exams

Let's Get Started!

Individual & Group Sessions.

Sophrology Solutions individual  and group sessions are available in English or in French. They take place in the highly comfortable surroundings and closely tailored to suit your needs.

Individual Sessions

Sophrology One-To-One

Individual Sophrology or Sound Therapy session: $120.00

Working one-to-one is the ideal way to address specific concerns (physical or emotional) in a therapeutic context. Individual sessions can also be very useful to prepare for a particular event, helping you feel calmer and more able to cope.

Group Sessions


Group Sophrology Session: $520.00

Group sessions generate a real sense of change and improvement as well as offering a friendly environment. They suit those who wish to try Sophrology, perhaps for the first time, in a shared and supportive setting and those wanting the time and space for regular practice.


Group Consultations

Corporate Sessions: Price negociable

Sophrology is a powerful method to help with stress management. With simple exercises, easy to repeat in daily life, Sophrology provides employees and managers with tools to release tension, establish a state of calm, reconnect and activate professional competencies.

Sophrology Is A Method, A Practice And A Philosophy.

Reconnect with your inner feelings and strengths to develop your potential, whilst increasing self-awareness and maintaining a healthy perspective in what you believe and think. 

Prepare for Pregnancy, Birth And Motherhood With Sophrology

Discover it’s gentle techniques (breathing, movements and visualisations) and Sophrology’s benefits during pregnancy and birth.


Why Use Sophrology During Pregnancy
And To Prepare For Birth?

Sophrology has been used in France,and other western European countries,
for decades to help women and their partners experience pregnancy positively.

Be More Confident And Calm During The Birth Of Your Child.

Sophrology practice helps to reduce worries and anxieties and prepares the mother and father to participate actively in the birth.

Learn More
Childbirth Sophrology

Sophrology Solutions: Our Worldwide Community.

If you would like to share your sophrology experiences with other members of the Sophrology Solutions Online community and benefit from special rates, courses and workshops, then please contact us to learn more and join.


What People Are saying About Sorphology Solutions.

We are fully dedicated to our clients. When you join Sorphology Solutions, there is no need to worry about our commitment to your well being. With over 7,000 members and counting, you cannot doubt the efficacy of our methology. Check out what our users are saying about Sorphology Solutions!

“WOW – I feel more tolerant, driven and able to better express my emotions and feelings.”

The discovery of sophrology was a turning point, I finally realized that the most important thing was not to have answers, but to feel good here and now, simply enjoying the moment. Paradoxically, this is when i was able to let go that i increased my awareness and I got the most interesting answers. They came from inside… – Valérie, 44 years old, Nurse

I followed Sophrology sessions with Lune for around a year. My work has allowed me to see myself differently, to accept my physical handicap and to accord much less importance to the way that other people see me. Lune helped me to break down every negative pattern and to re-enforce my self esteem.
Thank you Lune, I am forever grateful.
Xavier, Orange Telecom
I would say that my work in Caycedian Sophrology has above all allowed me to acquire a better understanding of the way I function and to cope with it much more appropriately. Also it has supported me in creating some readjustments, which are of great value to me. Furthermore I now feel that I have gained more knowledge regarding human relationships in general.
Philippe, Canal +
I will never be able to find words to express my gratitude to Lune. I’m Lucy and I have been working with Helen for 9 months, now. Sophrology has brought me so much that I don’t know where to start, but I have to contain myself and mention the things that are most important to me.
Lucy, Nice

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One-to-one and group sessions are available in English or French, in the Paris area.

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Lune Koelle
Sophrology and Sound Therapist
Master in Caycedian Sophrology/BSc.

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What is sophrology?

Sophrology is a structured method created to produce optimal health and well-being. It consists of a series of easy-to-do physical and mental exercises that, when practiced regularly, lead to a healthy, relaxed body and a calm, alert mind.

Sophorogy Solutions

Welcome to Sophrology Solutions. Our website is dedicated to the diffusion of Sophrology in Paris and the rest of the world. We offer those interested opportunities to practice Sophrology in groups or in individual sessions.